Weekly Events


Liquid Brunch. Sunday is the best drinking day ever and this might be the best bar in the world to do it in. Sundays at the Parkside we embrace the day of rest with our very own Liquid Brunch. There are three things you need to know to understand the phenomenon that is the Liquid Brunch:

  1. We have the best Blood Mary’s in town – spicy Cajun suckers loaded with garlic, chipotle, horseradish, Parkside Pickled Peppers and other bayou secrets including but not limited to the kitchen sink. Looking for a hangover cure? This thing cuts like a triple edged ninja sword and only comes in one size: HUGE.
  2. Pint Sized Mimosas. No questions at this time.
  3. The above deliciousness-es are only $8.


Funk Fest & Vinyl Swap. Swap old vinyl, groove to the funk. Didja know there are 13 definitions of the word funk? Just a few:

1. music having a funky quality
2. the state or quality of being funky
3. a strong smell; stench.

Clark Gayton & Shane Smith bring the Funk at 10pm. Come into see how we blend those definitions into one, big, stanky party. It’s Funk Night, Yo, and we naaaasty. But that’s not all! The Parkside is and always will be a whiskey bar. Be it Bourbon, Scotch, Irish, Canadian or plain ole sippin’ whiskey, folks here on the Lower East Side love to drink it. Monday is our day to embrace the classic cocktail with that many consider to be the best concoctiona mixologist can put together: the Manhattan. All our top shelf Manhattans are $8: all day, all night.


Brewsday. Screw Humpday – Tuesday is the roughest day of the work week. Here at the Parkside, the day that follows Monday and comes before Wednesday is known as Brewsday. It’s the day the Times contains the Science section, the day without football and the day we give our customers free beer. Seriously. Between 7-8pm and 10-11pm, anyone who acknowledges the magnanimous occasion of Brewsday to our bartender will be rewarded with the grandest of gifts: a cold, frosty pint of beer on the house.


Trivia Quest. The fun starts at 9pm when our host with the most, Matt Finucane, guides those brave enough to venture into the waters of arcane and pop culture knowledge through three rounds of scholarly fun with cash money on the line. So come in with your team of 4 or less, or come in on your own and join one of our regular teams to test your brute mental strength.


Baby Back Thursdays. Not as in “I want my baby back” or even “baby got back” but more like “Macallan 12 with a soda back”. For those of you who saddle up to the bar and order a top shelf whiskey, the Parkside donates a 1/2 pint of any beer on tap to your cause, whatever it may be. Get it now? The beer’s the baby and it backs up your whiskey. It’s like a happy meal but with a certain Noir flavor.

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